Stand Up for Kids – Can you help?

I talk a lot about showing up for the kids in our lives. It’s the most important thing I think we all can do. And it’s easy for me to stand up for the my kids cause I have a  whole lot of privilege going of me. But there are other kids out there who need us to show up for them as well.

About a year ago I learned about an organization in my area, that shows up for homeless youth. These folks are providing services for CHILDREN who do NOT have a home. Each one of them comes through the doors with their own story held close to their chest while they dip their toes in to see if we can be trusted. Thank goodness this is the sort of organization that does not receive any sort of funding that would force them to report these children to anyone. They just open the doors and their hearts to let in those who the rest of the world has tossed aside and says “you are worth of showing up for. ”

Their mission to end Youth Homelessness is one I think the whole world should get behind. It’s easy to look at a child on the street and come up with all sort of reasons why we think they are there. To make up the sorts of stories that make it okay to keep on walking by without stopping to notice. Many of these kids are there, on the street, because of the sorts of things we are each striving to protect our children from. Let’s stop today and take notice of that child and say I see you.

A space has been created, that at this time is open three days a week, it’s called the Village, which is so fitting, cause it certainly does take a Village to raise up a child. Especially, one who’s adults weren’t able to protect, raise and provide for them. And these folks need funds, to keep the doors open so the kids don’t once again loose what they have come to feel is a sense of home. A place for internet access, a shower, a meal, a change of clothes, a smile and willing and ready mentors. Just basic needs that in my humble opinion I think should be the birth right of every single child that comes into this world. So I am asking, if you feel moved, to head over to their donation site and if you have something extra to give, hit the donation button. For all of you who donate over 20 dollars I will personally send you a custom gratitude poem written just for you, or for a loved one. Yep just donate $20 dollars or more, send a note to and I will get you your poem.

Here’s the FB page where you can see some up to date information and right up at the top there is a donate button.

Or you can head straight to the donation page that is found here.

Find out more about the organization and the kids they help by visiting their website here.

Thanks for reading my heart spilled out today.

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