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  1. Hi Shannon!
    I just listened to a podcast that featured
    A talk with you. I really enjoyed the interview and was even more excited to hear that you reside in bay area! I also unschool my three children and I was wondering if there are any unschool park days?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. I am really glad you enjoyed the podcast. I had so much fun recording with Pam. It is true that I am in the Bay Area. I attend a Park Day with my youngest son, 12 at Shoup Park on Monday’s. It is a part of a group called the Bay Area Life Learners. Most of the families are unschooling and it is a wonderful community. I do believe the group has a ten dollar fee for the year to join the FB group to get notifications about upcoming events. I know they will also work on a sliding scale if the fee is too high. I believe it was put in place so that only those folks who were interested in building community joined the group so there was a sense of both safe and intimacy for those who were exploring unschooling ideas. I can get you more information on the group if you like.

      Perhaps you already belong so the SFBUN list which is a yahoo group that shares information from around the Bay Area as well. I have seen a pretty active park day in Berkley shared there as well as a Sunday Brunch park day in San Francisco.

      That is what some to me off the top of my head. Please feel free to reach out with other questions.

      Take care,

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