Wrestling with words

It’s so quiet this morning. A light fog hanging over the trees as the entire house sleeps. I am up wrestling with words again. Lately, they have fallen to the sidelines in a world I can’t quite recognize. It’s like that saying you don’t know until you do and then once you know you can’t not know. I’ve found myself immersed in the sort of learning that makes it hard to go back to writing about being a peaceful parent. Not that I don’t think I have something to say but I know my words haven’t always considered the very real struggle many people face when simply trying to keep their children alive. I wrote at times like I had it figured out, this one right way to raise up a child. I am here today to admit I don’t.

I have an idea about ways to stay connected with your child. To be respectful, to be kind, to be willing to listen more than you talk. But I have not damn clue how to send a child out into a world that sees them less than simple for the color of their skin. I have no damn idea how to raise a child in a violent situation where staying alive truly is the goal. I also have no idea how to raise a child when you are solely responsible for providing financial support for that child and yourself. I have no damn idea how to raise a child when you are chronically ill. I truly, have no damn idea how to raise a child outside of the priveledge areas I have existed as a parent.

I do have a commitment to the rights of children. I do have a passion for learning alongside others to raise up our children to be all that they arrived here ready for. I do have an undying love for the opportunity to witness young people in all the phases and stages of living in this world. I do have a desire to live in a world where each and every child is cared for, loved and respected.

So as I step down from what feels like my high horse to put my boots on the ground, I am not certain what this space I have held here on the internet wiill look like. I am hopeful it will grow, as I have in it’s understanding of how to be a better ally to those outside the little bubble I have until now existed in.

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