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I’m Shannon Loucks : A mom witnessing the awesome journey that is motherhood and celebrating the gifts of unconditional love. I invite you to join my email list for a bi-weekly collection of videos and calls to action that will lead you to Love More. You’ll also be in the loop when new products are released and will be the first to know when my next book is available.

Love more Book

Written for the busy person as a grab and go reminder of all the ways you can add love to your child’s life.

Love more tea

A blend of calming herbs that open and strengthen the heart, to encourage a more heart-centered journey.

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This hand-crafted wooden heart by MuseFire Art makes a beautiful and lasting gift for someone you love.


My original photography from the great Northwest helps you curate your very own love letters.

So I am not really sure what to call myself

Although I have a degree in education and work with parents all the time, I’m not a parent coach or teacher in the traditional sense of those words. I am not a therapist or specialist in mental health or parent-child relationships.

But I am a mom. And in my motherhood journey, I’ve witnessed amazing things in my family and those around me. I know the overwhelm, the excitement, the confusion, and the elation that are ALL part of parenting, sometimes all in one day. 

Who am I kidding? Sometimes all within five minutes

And I’ve come to realize that what I’m passionate about more than anything is witnessing all the ways that families experience love. The story behind each interaction between a parent and their child is beautiful and deserves space. I love to hear and share those stories.

It may not always feel beautiful at the moment because parenting brings strong emotions to the surface. I get it. It can feel painful and even ugly at times. 

But the truth is that beauty exists in each of these times, even if we can’t see it right away. And beauty is there because love is there. 

Here’s what I’ve learned about love in my family’s journey. It’s more than a feeling; it’s an action. And it requires risk and examination. It’s part of our story. It’s part of your story. So let’s celebrate it!

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Speaking Opportunity

One of the things that fires me up the most is speaking to groups of parents who want to understand, develop, or even change the course of their parenting story.


My goal in everything I create is to remind myself and anyone who cares to listen to Love More. Get notecards, specially curated tea and copies of my books here.

Word on the Street

the speaker that every heart-centered organization needs

 “Shannon Loucks is the speaker that every heart-centered organization needs. She has given a variety of presentations for me at various times over the past ten years. I trust her implicitly to deliver an organized, inspiring, valuable message with a clear call to action that changes lives. Shannon helps families experience more joy and love through connection and I’ve seen the enthusiasm and gratitude with which her listeners and readers respond. She brings deep compassion, understanding, and fun as she encourages others to bring humor, attention, light-heartedness, and collaboration to their parenting journey. Shannon has vast experience that will benefit all groups that want to learn how to love more in ways that feel better for everyone.”  

– Flo Gascon 

when it’s done, you wish it wasn’t!

“Shannon’s workshops are a delightful mix of story time, fun activities that help you let down and laugh, and novel ideas that push you to think past the to-do list and stress of life and really see that there are indeed so many easy ways to infuse your days with lightness and love. And Shannon has a lovely way of putting you at ease. This isn’t your typical “sit and take notes” kind of workshop, and when it’s done, you wish it wasn’t!”

– Laura Flynn Endres

Love More is a treasure trove

Shannon and her book were the answer to my secular prayers. Her words, in her book and where I follow her on Instagram, were exactly what Ike been looking for: a testimony to parental love. As unschoolers, my family is always searching out new ways to show our love to each other, and Love More is a treasure trove of exactly that! Simple, little, easy things to do, every single day, to show your children that they are loved. It is beautiful in its simplicity, as it reminds you over and over  of how easy it can be to live a joy-filled, love-bathed life with kids. And Shannon’s constant reminders in all her work, on every platform that she touches our lives through, help us keep it up in every moment, with a voice like a best friend holding our hand along the way. I am forever grateful for all that Shannon does for this unschooling and parenting community. She is changing lives.” 

– Megan Oriah

a fresh idea on something to do to connect with your kids

Leave this book out somewhere when it can be easily picked up and put down. When you want a fresh idea on something to do to connect with your kids, open it up to a random page and see what inspires you. You can take the suggestions and try them, or you can let the concepts inspire ideas of your own! The opening and closing pages of this book are beautiful, giving parents permission to love their kids unapologetically and with their whole heart.
– Karen James.



Through the camera’s lens, I understand how beauty and brutality can hold the same space. And with the push of a button, I can capture that moment.

My Writing

Breaking Daylight Blog is a place where I put years of writing together to keep myself curious about my own parenting. Now it stands on the internet as a resource for parents looking to stay in love with their children. I have written a series of topics including:

  • Living and loving alongside our children
  • The day to day parts of growing a love muscle
  • The hard stuff and ways to grow through it
  • The benefits of choosing relationship above all else
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