A while back, I wrote a post for Flo Gascon’s beautiful series on Parenting Calmly, in it I listed my top five fridge worthy how to reminders for gentle parenting.  From there I used that as a springboard for two different presentations on the Why of peaceful parenting. During my latest presentation at Life Is Good Unschooling Conference, I invited audience members to add their ideas to the list. There were so many beautiful ideas I’ve gathered them here for my own constant reminder.

A whole lot of HOW TO when it comes to partnering beside your child and parenting from a place of peace and connection.

1) Listen more talk less.

2) See the child not the behavior

3) Respect

4) Apologize

5) Build a community

6) Remember my relationship with my children is more important than anything I think we “have to do”

7) One on one time with each child.

8) Touch, hugs, cuddles, OFTEN

9) Keep it light

10) Never say the first thing that pops into your head (unless it’s enthusiastic kindness)

11) Notice when you feel like closing your heart.

12) Remember your power to choose.

13) Choose love just because you can

14) Find consistent positive input. (books, podcasts etc)

15) Mindfulness practise

16) Remember I am parenting TODAY for the relationship I want with my someday adult child.

17) It’s never too late to change directions

18) Everyone has a voice and choice

19) Home is a safe place.

20) Encourage

21) Dive deep into kids interests

22) Use silliness and laughter to alleviate stress when the moment invites it

23) Have a fully open heart

24) Be honest

25) Never stop loving

26) Compassion

27) Laugh a lot

28) Always be there for your kids

29) Breathe

30) Shwing (cause OMG Wayne and Garth came to my talk!!)