I wrote this two years ago. It still remains so true. As I travel toward 40 pushing the edges of my growth I am continually reminded that not all the stories I tell myself are true. Not all of the belong to me. And many of them are worth testing and eventually rewriting. 


Things I was wrong about

This past week, I have truly been reflecting on things, I thought I knew about myself and my own limitations.

And you know what I was wrong about a few things.

Prior to this move, I would have told you, “I can’t drive in big cities, it’s just too much.” And now I drive on freeways sometimes with 12 lanes. Not only do I drive on them, I navigate, predict my next move and ensure I am in the lane I need to be. Heck, I have even pulled the daring move of a huge acceleration that allows me to narrowly pass a car in order to make a turn I might otherwise miss. Worry not, I always give a wave of thank you, I am after all Canadian.

Six months ago, I would have told you, “I could never live in the US.” Well, here I am living, laughing and enjoying myself in the US. It’s not as scary as I thought it would be, there are some super nice folks here and lots of grand opportunities. I will always be Canadian however, I am making the most of my US adventures.

In the past, I likely would have told you, “I have no sense of direction.” Turns out I have a pretty keen awareness of the space around me and can navigate myself from off the beaten path, back on to the beaten path. Who knew!

For the better part of my life, I have held on to a line, told to me by teacher after teacher after teacher, “she is so shy.” I have told myself this on many an occasion, not as an affirmation, I see now, but perhaps as an excuse. Turns out, in many situations, I am not that shy after all. Sure maybe I have days where I feel shy or nervous, I like to turn that around now and say “I am having an introvert kinda day,” instead of using it as a definition of how or who I am in social settings. I am actually, in some instances, rather extroverted and make new connections with ease .. Huh, interesting new observations.

At the end of my pondering, I came to realize, without saying “Yes” to those things that frighten me, or push the boundaries of my own comfort zone, I would miss out on knowing new things about myself. And it is about time, I stop carrying around others peoples stories about me, and be the author of my own experience.