We are moving. Which for me always translates to a giant purging of items. I am not one to hold on too much stuff. In fact when I moved to Tokyo way back when I gave away all of my possessions. Moving in with my husband all I needed was a van and that was simply to move my bed. Other then that I could have done with a few trips in my car. A little over ten years later and we have so much stuff. I love me a good purge and moving is the time I can generally convince the men folk to let go of a few things.

I also love Freecycle. Cause folks get all excited about the stuff I don’t want and race to pick it up from my front porch. It’s gone in under 24 hours and all I have to do it is send an email and put it outside. This brings me great satisfaction.

What I wasn’t expecting this time was to literally see my boys childhood being carried away. I was happy that these treasures were off to a new home. But what was beside that was the very real realization that a phase in our lives together had moved along as well.

Boxes of dress up clothing was pared down to just a few favorites. Collectibles that we needed to have every last one of where no longer of any value. Toys, that were used to explore, imagine and create with were walking away. And as I stood at my kitchen window seeing it all out there on the porch it swept over me that my boys are not little anymore. They are stretching in to a new place, that requires different tools. There is an ending on the heals of their new beginnings and it worth capturing this moment of noticing.

I wish for every person who is a parent to know that every moment with your child is so very fleeting. I know I am guilty of wishing some of it away. The sleepless nights, the demands of a toddler, the repetition of daily living with two young needy boys. But in the moment when I saw those toys being carried off to new homes I knew I would do it all over in heart beat. I was wishing for those moments back.

What I take from this is the very real reminder that living together with my children, is a small chapter in my life and one I will for all my tomorrows recall as the richest. This is why I know I am blessed to be able to stay home with them. To capture as many of these moments as I can up in to my memory. They will fill me when my nest is empty. This is why I play with my children and let the dishes pile up in the kitchen. Cause I will have many years of a clean house when their bedrooms are empty. And this is why I put my relationship with them above all else because that is what will keep us close when distance separates us.