On Mother’s Day this is how I feel about them, gifting me this title.

To my beautiful children,

Thank you for making me a mother. But most importantly thank you for accepting me as the imperfect mother.

Thank you for loving me in my unkept, dirty clothed, bad breath moments. And by that I mean loving me the same as you would were I dressed for a grand ball.

Thank you for introducing me to the trueness of unconditional love. Before you I had loved. I had been loved. It was nothing next to the outside of my body heart wearing, momma bear protecting, fall to my knees love that I have for you.

Thank you for humbling me. Through your eyes, I see how everything that seemed so important to achieve, pales next to the tending of you.

Thank you for showing me the courage that is mine. Before you I would never had imagined I could live countless years without a full nights sleep and still experience wild joy. I never imagined I could give so deeply of myself and come up nurtured on the other side.

Thank you for trusting me with your gift of intimacy. For trusting me enough to yell at me, try out new feelings on me, toss frustration at me and know I could handle it and love you even more.

Thank you for all those teeny tiny moments that I will one day crave to live over again.

Thank you showing me the power of presence. For I know one day, sooner then I would choose, you will lift your strong wings and leave this nest and I will miss even the moments that challenge me today.

Mostly, just thank you, for filling me with this gratitude that words could never capture. I am honored to wear the title of your mother.