Life is not easy.  There are a countless number of opportunities to be consumed by fear, dread and all sorts of other negative emotions. Alternatively, there is the chance to flip it all on its ass and see the other side.  I am here to admit that the darker side of life often tries to pull me in, like a familiar blanket I want to curl up with indefinitely. Luckily, there is that flip side of me that strives to live a vibrant and brilliant life.  Thankfully that piece turns up to rip off the familiar blanket and push me closer to the edges of my wildest dreams.  Today gratitude propels me.

Gratitude is a word used a lot, perhaps becoming more of a catch phrase and less of a deep feeling. I want to reclaim the word for myself. To me gratitude is the breath I take that connects me to the bounty of beauty surrounding me each moment I exist. The action part is remembering to open my eyes wide and long enough to see it.

Last night I awoke in a pool of vomit, thankfully not my own, disruptive none the less.  From this could be born many an emotion. I choose gratitude. Gratitude that I was nearby when my son was in a deeply vulnerable place. Gratitude that I was present to rub his back, change the sheets and gently snuggle him back to sleep. Yes, I am thankful for that pool of vomit and its gentle reminder that health is a gift that can swiftly be taken from us all.

I trust that if I can find gratitude in a pool of vomit all will be well in my world.