My youngest son always eats his entire advent calendar on the very first day of December. He’s working on impulse control. This year he made a promise to himself that he would not do that. He would eat just one a day until the eve of Christmas. This means each morning I tuck the calendar in to place he can not reach, at his request.

Today he took out his chocolate and then looked at me and said “why is the 23rd gone?” I did not know why. I tossed some ideas about. He melted in to a pile of despair. In his eyes he had failed. My solutions were weak in the face of his upset. So I rubbed his back. I listened to his tears.

His brother asked me “what happened?” and I explained. Our day carried on until the youngest called out “Mom!” in that way that means drop everything and come here. “Did you put a chocolate in the 23rd?” I had not. He asked in the way that means if you did and are thinking of lying about it do not lie to me. I was not lying. I had not filled the missing chocolate.

He looked to his brother on the bed near by “mine 23rd is still closed” is all he said, while catching my eye at the side with a subtle explanation.

“It’s a Christmas miracle.” my youngest called out. Yes indeed it is a Christmas miracle, these little acts of a generous spirit are indeed the miracles.