It’s true, I think my kids are super awesome. I enjoy hanging out with them. They make me laugh. They make me think. They make me smile. And they have some super cool ideas on how we should spend our time together. Whether it’s an invitation for cuddle time or a game, I really like hanging out with my kids. I know I said that already but it’s worth repeating.

Recently, in the locker room, there were moms talking. “Oh right it’s along weekend, now I know why I agreed to work an extra day.” There was a lot of laughter. Sighs of what to do with this extra day of having this annoying human beings around them.  I was the odd ball, “My kids never go to school. We have fun together.” As has been my style in the past, I ended that conversation.

The other, walking in to play at the SAP Pavilion last night (for clarity that’s the big NHL rink where the San Jose sharks play) a parent says to me, “were you as surprised by this as we were?”

Me: “I know isn’t this awesome. It’s not everyday you get to play hockey on the same ice as the big leaguers.”

Him: “Ya but getting notice on a Wednesday morning about something on Friday.”

Me: “Well we were so excited at the chance that clearing the schedule was super easy.”

The conversation once again ended. Cause I wasn’t about to start complaining about the inconvenience my child’s passion and happy making events were on my life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not purporting to be a saint of any sort. I have my moments of irritation and a close group of friends I trust to help me work through overwhelm from time to time. But when it comes to this overall attitude that children are a nuisance, troublesome and hard to be around, I’m simply not going to play that game.

I believe if parents could adjust their attitude they might find their children fun to hang out with. Carrying in to any situation this black cloud of, you again how dare you impose upon my time or emotional state, is bound to bring exactly what you ask for. Turing inward and finding that loving place in your heart (you know the one that would kick the ass of anyone who tried to hurt your child) and throwing that down in each interaction,  just might find parents asking for an extra day off in order to hang out with the amazing human being they are raising.