No matter how desperately I try to hold on to my children, time is going to grow them up, faster then I would agree to. So I am glad I noticed early on that this phase, where they are with me day to day, is a small fraction of the life I will live.

I am glad I noticed that spending time with them, lots of it, was a super good use of my resources and that I stopped to smell the tulips.

I am glad I noticed, playing with my children was an investment in a bank that would always multiply tenfold what I put in.

I am glad I noticed that cleaning vomit off my carpeted bedroom floor could wait when little ones needed a body to hold on to.

I am glad I noticed that words hold power and so used them softly and peacefully.

I am glad I said yes, more then I said no.

I am glad I knew to pay attention, to the tiny things, that can be used to lift a dreary day and then used them over and over again.

This is the sort of list I could write on about for hours. What I want to say mostly, is that I am glad I noticed    this gift of motherhood and celebrated it loudly.