It’s true all those things the veteran mom’s tell you when you are bleary eyed and exhausted with a new born in your arms, about time traveling faster than the speed of light. And moments like this one being what you will look back on fondly in the quicker than you can imagine approaching future. I have stood firm in my commitment not to pass those adages along to new moms. Because I remember feeling so not validated or heard in those moments of overwhelm. Now however with a teenager stretching his wings so wide I want to call out to all new mothers to drink in every last second of wailing babies and nagging toddlers cause it truly does disappear before your very eyes. I won’t though cause truly all us mom’s at each age and stage just wanna be heard where we are.

Why do I bring this up now? Cause it’s been meaning a few thing lately. I might be crying a little more often as I witness these humans launching themselves into the world. And I might be searching the world for the sort of time machine that allows me to jet back and relive each one of those sweet and sour moments over again and again and again.

But truly what it has me doing is recommitting to say YES all the time. Slowing down commitments outside of my family. And drinking in all the ups and downs and sideways of our life together right now because I have it on good authority that this here moment is going to vanish just as quickly as the others and I’d be a fool to let it pass unnoticed.