Being in the world witnessing all the stages of a human being has got to be one of the most amazing gifts life on this planet could ever provide. And here I am gifted two amazing souls to stand side by side with full time. In our world this journey of parenting is so rarely celebrated as the gift that it is. You can search the internet and find more articles about the “challenges” of parenting that you can the celebration of it. There are more people discussing the “terrible two’s and horrible teenagers” than there are parents waxing poetic about the opportunity to hold space for a sad child or provide safe boundaries for an emerging adult. And most tragically you can find a whole lot of posts on social media of parents shaming and blaming their children for the simple act of being a human who makes mistakes in the world. Cause come on that is all this big ole human journey is about right? Trial and error.  Wouldn’t you rather be the cheerleader in the story of your child’s life than the villain?

So, let’s here today decide to throw about stories that celebrate the gift of being a parent. That speak of the challenges we encounter, while navigating the world with them, as they are, a chance to conquer some of our own issues in order to support our children.  Let’s share the unique beings  our children are with a sense of pride. Let’s talk about ways to support each other in being our children’s allies instead of their enemies. Let’s hold them up when they make mistakes instead of tearing them down. Let’s decide they are as human as you and I and deserve the very same level of respect we give our other loved ones. Let’s replace shame with quiet moments heart to heart uncovering one another’s strengths. Let’s decide love comes without conditions and give it away to each child until their buckets run over. Let’s, right now, here today, choose to honor, children as the precious resource prepping to sustain our future,
that they truly are.