It’s almost 11:00 am here and I just got a peak of my sleeping ten year old. He opened one eye half way and caught me pulling the covers on to his body and gave me a sleepy smile. My heart melted. I am so in love my kids.

I know I spend a large portion of my time here talking about how much I love my children. But I am still swept away by the moments where they truly catch my breath. And waves of gratitude wash me over. I get to be their mom.

I love covering them up when they look cold. I adore seeing them stumble half asleep out into the waking world. I live for the moments when one of their hands slips into mine as we wander about the world together. I’m honored in the moments they open their hearts and tell me what the world is like to be in from their insides out. And I treasure the moments I can show up with something in hand that tumbles gratitude straight out of their hearts and into mine.

It can be easy in day to day life to loose sight of the honor it is to be a parent. I like to not everyone gets the chance to have a child and not every gets to see their precious children live to the adult years.  So go ahead and be fully in LOVE with your child. I mean the action of love not the feeling.

Here’s a few samples. Squeal with delight when they walk in the room, like you might when you see a lover for the first time after months apart. Pack a picnic and head out to lay under the stars for as long as they’ll stay. Grab their hand and skip a little just cause. Pull up a chair (and maybe a controller) and play that game they’ve been immersed in for all those hours. Sing their praises, when they are just in earshot, as you might when telling family members why you’ve fallen head over heals in love with a particular person. Take a few extra moments to linger at their doorway to catch the smile that starts in the corner of their eyes. Shower them with the sorts of gifts you might someone you were hoping to impress, with a heart stamp.

This childhood of their’s is gonna pass at warp speed. And I have it on high authority that when old age is knocking you back in to your seat, what’s going to hold you up are the memories of these right now moments with your children.