Thanks to the wonderful offerings of FreePlayLife (found here), I kicked it up a notch here on Valentines Day. I made sure I woke up before the rest of the house, which was filled with seven sleeping people cause we have visitors, more folks to share the love with. And I love bombed the house. Streamers spun around every available railing, table, chair, while hearts where stickered about and everyone had a love note at eye level upon waking and opening their door (even our house guests). I did turn the milk pink and the whipping cream and the pancakes and the lattes and pretty much anything else that folks put the milk in. The pancakes were heart shaped. There was a whole lot of love talk and extra cuddles.

Some may of considered this over doing it. But ya know what I really think, when it comes to loving people can you really over do it? Can you tell someone too much that you love them? Or that their smile makes your day brighter or that you are most certain that when they were born in to this world everything got infinitely better. This lady doesn’t think so. In fact, I am thinking of love bombing the shit out of this house on a more regular basis.

When we went to sleep last night, my littlest looked up at me and said “mom can you not clean up all the decorations, I like it like this.” Heart rewarded.

It’s easy to get lost, when bombarded by bills, messy houses, media messages of not enough, time constraints, financial burdens and all the other stuff out there in the world that sucks. But ya know what, that stuff is still gonna be there, waiting for you after a love bomb but I promise the heart you bring in to it will be lighter, happier and way more capable of seeing the silver linings.

What you gonna do to spread the love on the day after love day? Who you gonna love bomb? I would so LOVE (intentional overuse of the word) to hear your stories. Please share.