I have to admit to occasionally finding Valentine’s Day to be a let down. I mean to date no male in my life has ever rode up on a white stallion while serenading me with an arm full of long stem red roses. I have gone through stages where I put the day down completely or ignored it or tried to pretend it didn’t matter. But it wasn’t until I started to grab up the love in the day that it all turned around.

You see love day, as I like to call it, is not about Hollywood images of romance or Hallmark sentiments. It’s about true love. The kind of love that notices when your favorite soap has run out and shows up with a bar to replace it. Or the kind of love the remembers you like a splash of cinnamon on your coffee and puts an extra dash on just cause. The kind of love that is for now and ever in all its forms.

So if today on this day of love you find yourself disappointed with what you got or how the day is lacking, turn it in. Turn it in and see where your disappointment stems from? Is it truly that the people around you don’t love you? Or is it more about them not loving you in the expectation filled way you wanted. Try tossing it all out and rebooting. Instead of looking for the perfect gesture of love see where love is unexpectedly hidden. Uncover those moments through out the day that otherwise might have been missed. You know the gentle hand on the shoulder at the right moment. Or the toilet seat finally put down. Or the underwear tossed in to the laundry basket. Or the hand made note.

And if you come up short at the end of the day. Go out and do it. Go out and find what was missing in your Love Day and give it to yourself. Write yourself that brilliantly romantic poem. Pick up those long stem red roses. By all means get the HUGE box of chocolates and delve in. Your love for yourself is just as radiant and brilliant as any love coming at you from the outside.

Shine that badass super awesome fabulous you love all over your day. It will spill on to other folks. They will touched, moved and truly lifted. And I dare say they will give you some back. Cause loves the kinda thing that grows the more you give the more you get.

So HAPPY LOVE DAY .. may your uniquely you love be the fountain from which you drink for the rest of your days ..