Dear Kj

with your heart breaking

about death.

You are right

it fucking sucks

that people die

it is utterly devastating

that you will never see Gramps again

and that he is slipping from your memory.

It is beyond tragic that one day

you will not be be able to hold me

or tell me you love me most

right to my face.

It would be so delicious if time could stop

right now

and none of us would ever die

but in those tears of yours

you are healing a little girl

one who was pushed away

told to go back to bed

and that everything was just fine.

Holding you in your breaking places

she can finally fall apart

picking you up from the edges

she heals a deep wound

your tears mix with hers

as both of you lament

the most horrific truth of living

it always ends in death

while simultaneously celebrating

another truth of living

love matters most.