Yesterday my eight year old called to me “Mom can we go to the pool?”

I answered ” Ya at some point today.”

He said “why not now?”

And I screamed like a 3 year old mid tantrum “cause I don’t wanna!”

Then I sat in my slumped down grump and saw all the negativity pouring from my attitude. I could trace it back to a whole collection of reasons as to why I had the right to be in a piss poor mood. But I could not even for the briefest of seconds justify tossing my piss poor mood on to my eight year old who simply wanted to go swimming. Which involved nothing more then a 2 minute walk out the front door.

So I gathered my pouting self up from my bed. Put on my suit, entered the living room “okay dude let’s do this.”

It’s not big surprise, in hindsight, that my mood was elevated. Really more then elevated it did a complete 180 and turned in a completely new direction. We jumped in the chilly pool and were surprised by the temperature change. We hit the hot tub. Got hot, jumped back in the pool and repeated. Cold, hot, cold hot .. not that different from my mood.

So often my children’s ability to be in the right now moment is all that I need to heal my own misplaced happiness. He reminded me how much there was to jump up and down about even under the weight of life’s challenges.¬†Sometimes that which I am resisting the most is exactly what I need. Thankfully my children are walking free alongside me constantly pulling, tugging and dragging my resisting ass up in to the magic of the awesome that awaits me.