See Me As I Am

.. A gift really not everyone get’s to have me, this one unique human requiring only your love

.. Separate from you, yes in most cases I came through you but I am my own self. Full of my own desires, thoughts and opinions. Wanting to stretch and explore beside you but not as you.

.. Impressionable. Your words land on me and inform me about myself. They tell me what I might not know yet and could forever change how I view me. It matters what you say to me, it will inform much of what I know, in the beginning. So choose kindly.

.. Unconditional love. I give it freely, to you, from the beginning, let’s work to keep it just like that until the end.

.. Tender and strong at the very same time. I take your words and actions in to my tender self and feel them strongly. Remember this when deciding how to speak and be with me.

.. Breakable. My spirit is a strong but like my bones when twisted, harshly, it can break. Hold me kindly with love.

.. A Dreamer. And right now I know I can be all that I dream. Come along and believe in me.

.. A reminder, of your unique, separate, impressionable, unconditional loving, tender, strong, breakable, dreamer self.