My boys and I went on a road trip of epic proportions and along the way I kicked a few things off my before I turn 40 list!

First off, I drove across a border. I have never done that before. I was nervous for whatever reason. The questions threw me off and going in to Canada was a stranger experience then leaving which when we fly is generally not the case. But it wasn’t anything to get all nervous about. As I kept reminding the boys, we weren’t doing anything wrong. It’s just my concern about folks tossing about their power the gets me all worked up.

I drove the farthest I ever have in my life. In fact I was the solo driver for the entire trip back from Vancouver Island. In one day we logged ten hours in the car, of driving. I didn’t think I had it in me. I would have told you my boys could not pull it off either. But as we learned along the way we are some seriously crazy road warriors.

I shot a bow and arrow. Yep Yep I did. I didn’t hit a target but I came closer after a few tries then I did in my first chance which found the arrow literally at my feet.

I walked on stilts. That was unexpected and so much fun I just might need to get a pair for myself.

Oh yes and I tandem hooped. That’s right, I hooped continuously inside a hoop with another hot chick.

The theme of all these super cool first times, was Yes energy. I know I have spoken about this before. But it all went a bit deeper this time. I have a lifetime of memories of wanting desperately to join in. To get a chance. Followed up by sitting quietly and not saying anything. Or making up excuses in my head that I would get to it some other time. On this trip every time there was a chance, I just said yes. Or I even stepped up and said “hey I wanna try that”.

I pushed and pushed outside my edges and discovered I can do way more then I have been giving myself credit for. I can drive solo from Vancouver Island to Cali. with two kids in the car. And we laughed a lot. It was actually not torture it was wicked ridiculous fun.

Not sure where we are headed next but now that we know we have it in us, the world feels like a wide open playground full of adventure.