Lately I have been noticing just how the passing of time can often wrap around itself. My thirteen year old, who is nearing six feet tall slipped out of bed one morning and as I walked by his bedroom door I saw this image.

IMG_1894It’s just one shot but it captures so much of his timeline. The places where he is growing up and the constant companion that stills find his way into the mix. In this shot, I see the bear made with grandma that has stayed constant companion since that shitty night someone stole all our bikes out of the garage. The guy we turned around to get on more than one road trip when he was almost left behind. Though he holds down the fort when we leave these days, he still find his way into cuddle from time to time. And a laptop that was needed, desperately when youtube videos where required to be edited and shared with a wider audience. The toque (beanie for my american friends) that is a necessary piece of a strong sense of fashion. The phone that connects him to all the people who live too far away. And there pushed off to the side is the blanket that I have tried to get out of the house more than once. But he knows it was there on the bed the day he was born into the world and insists even with it’s holes and missing fabric it covers him best at night.

I think it’s easy to see my children loosing things are they grow up through these different stages and phases of life. Because it is true that there are many toys and habits that are dropped as new information is learned along the way. But lately what I’ve been falling in love with is finding the constant places that continue to show up year after year and connect together all the essential pieces of who my children are. It’s holding on there that makes the passing of time something I can make peace with.

Where are the edges that touch who your children have always been? Can you find that tender place today? I’d love to hear about it or see an image.